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Our advanced AI-based, automated engine turns static content into entertaining videos that drive user engagement to new heights.

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Generating online traffic and increasing audience engagement requires video. The good news? With Comovid, video creation is just about the simplest thing you can set out to accomplish.

Our AI-powered engine scans all forms of content and automatically transforms it into exciting videos that are ready for use. Forget about shooting, editing or production. Forget about any work from your end. Our machine learning process is simple, rapid and requires minimal resources.

Save time. Drive clicks. Generate interest. Increase sales. Make more money. Take Comovid's capabilities out for a spin.

Product Features

Video automation

A fully automated platform that creates video content without the need for any user interaction.

A.I. content analyzer

Identifies the right content (photos and text) and transforms it into production quality video.

Mass video creation

Generate hundreds of videos within miniutes. Upload your videos to social networks and video sites with all the right metadata to increase your SEO.

Cloud and on Prem

Videos can be automatically placed on any cloud platform or streamed directly through Comovid.

Custom branding

Customize your video with your branding - Add your logo, colors and select the best theme that fit your content

Videos are fully optimized for brand awareness and audience engagement

Use the videos on your website, email marketing, allow your users to easily share videos and information through whatsapp, messenger and social networks

Add Spark and Spice to Your Online Marketing


Turn your products pages into dynamic videos to increase your ROI


Dynamically generate videos for each new asset - no need for expensive and manual work.

Hotels & OTA

-Hotels, tour guides and more - its easier to share and more fun with videos


Monetize and Engage - Native videos with your own content