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Professional Video Creation Platform

Easy, fast and effortless video automation platform

First, humans mastered fire, after that,

mankind invented the wheel and now

Comovid invented video automation.

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Video is the most effective way to engage your audience. Comovid's cross-device platform generates these videos for you automatically.

Fashion Web Design

Publishers & Advertisers

By transforming your story into an engaging video using cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing, you can focus on your storytelling while we handle the video creation.

Lingerie Web Design

e-Commerce & Campaign Creatives

Comovid assists you in increasing product sales by automatically creating eye-catching videos that can be used on all ecommerce platforms.
Comovid's patent-pending technology enables anyone to combine powerful video content, resulting in a finished product that matches the aesthetics of your brand, engages viewers, and delivers a stunning ROI.

TV Screens

TV Channels & Content Syndication

Comovid's AI-driven video creation platform enables businesses and creators to easily generate videos with their own brand and style for better audience targeting and increasing revenue. Video compilation, addressable TV, syndicated news portals are supported out of the box.


Native content

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the Comovid engine converts your stories into video. It takes the most relevant content from your website and combines it with relevant images and videos to create an engaging video to help you tell your story.

Story telling

Comovid’s unique storytelling engine lets you adjust the resulting created videos to match your style. The Comovid engine automatically utilizes machine learning to adjust videos. Over time, your videos become more relevant to your needs.

Video creation

Define tags/keywords, and the Comovid engine will crawl the web in search of the best content matches, producing new videos every hour.



For any business that relies on publishing content at scale (text, rich media, images, ads), Comovid's automated video engine releases the true traffic and revenue potential of video. In less than 5 minutes, and in one click to any URL, Comovid's video creation platform can transform any static content into compelling video that dramatically increases viewer engagement, click throughs, and conversion rates. With an average of 3bn (VAST-compliant) video views per month, Comovid has already made professional grade video available to content providers at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.



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Playstation blog - news blast template
Ecom - Product Recommendations Example
Business Week - Video summarization (template 2)
Heraldode Mexico - Publisher
healthyceleb New template + Female presenter + video from youtube channel
travelerdoor - with one a.i. video integration
Real Estate example - home full details automated video
12up Red Sox Better 2020 - Example


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